Action on Pre-eclampsia warmly welcomes the appointment today of Prof Anna Glasier as Scottish Women’s Health Champion. Prof Glasier will arrive with a full inbox but must prioritise Placental Growth Factor Testing for mums-to-be in Scotland. This test is vital in the diagnosis of pre-eclampsia and it is a scandal that Scotland are years behind England in introducing this.

Placental Growth Factor (PlGF) tests are ground-breaking new blood tests clinicians can use to help predict if a baby needs to be delivered due to pre-eclampsia in the late stages of pregnancy. The tests are usually used at 30 weeks or after.

They are now available in 85% of hospitals in England and APEC are campaigning in the devolved nations to ensure all women in the UK have access to the tests if they need them.

Marcus Green, CEO of APEC, said: “This appointment has taken too long to come to fruition putting more women at risk but now is the time to celebrate Prof Glasier’s arrival, welcome her to the role and ensure that we get this test delivered and can end the postcode lottery.

“APEC will be seeking an early and urgent meeting with Prof Glasier to understand what she can do to deliver this care that is desperately needed and to make sure every woman who needs a test will be able to.

“This test shows who needs to have further care for pre-eclampsia and those who can go back to routine care. It’s good for women, saves the health service money and ensures those who need extra vigilance and care can get it.”