Action on Pre-eclampsia’s (also known as APEC) key aims are to raise public and professional awareness of pre-eclampsia, improve care, and ease or prevent physical and emotional suffering caused by the disease. We do this by providing information and support to members of the public who are affected by pre-eclampsia and support research into finding a cure.

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What is pre-eclampsia?

Pre-eclampsia is the most common of the serious complications of pregnancy. It is caused by a defect in the placenta, which joins the mother and baby and supplies the baby with nutrients and oxygen from the mother’s blood.

Support and information

If you or someone you know is suffering from pre-eclampsia, or you are worried about this condition, then you’ve come to the right place. Find out more about the disease, as well as accessing our information leaflets and comprehensive list of FAQ’s.

PlGF – Placental Growth Factor Testing

PlGF tests are ground-breaking new blood tests clinicians can use to help predict if a baby needs to be delivered due to pre-eclampsia in the late stages of pregnancy.

For Healthcare Professionals

Information for healthcare professionals

APEC has brought together the latest guidelines, research and recommendations into antenatal care and the treatment of pre-eclampsia.

Pre-eclampsia multidisciplinary online conferences

We are increasing the number of online education events we run – watch this space for the latest information as we plan our calendar for 2024

APEC’s new Virtual Learning Environment for clinicians

Action on Pre-eclampsia’s brand new Virtual Learning Environment is taking shape! This offers FREE online CPD accredited courses for all healthcare professionals working with pregnant women and we we’ve recently launched a new 2 part course for GPs.

Supporting APEC makes a real difference

Action on Pre-eclampsia aims to raise awareness, improve care and provide support to mums, families and health care professionals. We receive no statutory funding and are mainly supported by the kind donations and subscriptions from the public – people like you. There are lots of ways to support APEC, from requesting a fundraising pack, to running the London Marathon.

Take part in an event with Team APEC!

Join our group of amazing supporters participating in events across the UK – including the London Marathon   and help us raise much needed funds to support families and save lives.

Make a donation to APEC every time you play our lottery!

Support Action on pre-eclampsia by playing our weekly lottery! Your weekly ticket means that we can continue to plan ahead and maximise our charitable objectives, and you get a chance to win something too!

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