Walker Redman Awards

Are you a post-doctoral student in the United Kingdom? Are you interested in travelling to further your research and understanding of Pre-eclampsia? Could This Award Help You?

Action on Pre-eclampsia is the leading UK charity supporting families and researchers in trying to understand this condition.  We support hundreds of families each year and make a significant contribution towards patient involvement in research. We want to support your research and will make two awards of £500 each year to help fund travel to improve your knowledge and understanding of pre-eclampsia.

 It will be an easy to enter but hard to win scholarship programme, with the aim that this will get students over the financial finish line and make life a little easier, not that it should fund every part of their plans. The awarding committee will be looking at the realistic nature of the proposals, the deliverability, what support they have and the possibility of putting something new and original into the jigsaw of how we solve pre-eclampsia.

The rules of the scholarship are simple:

  • Be engaged in research in the UK into an aspect of pre-eclampsia
  • Have a research project which will be enhanced by overseas travel
  • Be prepared to report back to the Annual APEC Experts Meeting
  • Be able to deliver your project by May 2020


  • July 2019 – Launch of Submissions
  • 1st September 2019 – Closure
  • 30th September – Funding announced
  • May 2020 – APEC Study day – student report back
  • July 2020 – launch of next round.

How to apply

For more information about – and details of how to enter – the Walker Redman Awards, please email us at info@apec.org.uk.