Professional Area

This area is for all healthcare professionals working with pregnant women. This includes midwives, student midwives, GPs, doulas, health visitors.

APEC has brought together the latest guidelines, research and recommendations into antenatal care and the treatment of pre-eclampsia. Within this area of the website, you will find downloadable copies of PRECOG guidelines, as well as links to NICE guidance.

Study days

Our study days are widely recognised as being excellent, with speakers who are leaders in the field of pre-eclampsia. The costs are very reasonable.

Midwives who register for our study days on pre-eclampsia reveal that they are not confident in recognising symptoms, talking to women about pre-eclampsia and knowing at what point they should be referring women for expert assessment. However, feedback following study days shows that 92% of midwives and healthcare professionals said that they feel more confident dealing with pre-eclampsia after attending a study day.