Supporting APEC – YOU can make a difference.

Whilst APEC is a national charity, we are able to operate with a small, dedicated staff team thus keeping our overheads as low as possible. This ensures that all donations from you are used the most effectively. We receive no statutory funding and are mainly supported by kind donations and subscriptions from people like you. Your support of the charity makes a huge impact, allowing us to continue the vital work.

Make a one-off donation

Your donation helps us provide care to those affected by pre-eclampsia and to stop the needless deaths of mums and babies.

Set up a regular donation

Your monthly donation is incredibly valuable. It helps us plan our services more effectively, ensuring we’re able to support those affected by pre-eclampsia and plan training days in advance.


Will provide 200 Pre-eclampsia Know the Signs leaflets for hospitals to give out pregnant women.

PLGF based tests in suspected pre-eclampsia


Will provide half an hour of dedicated support for a family affected by pre-eclampsia.

APEC Study Days


Will provide a day’s training for healthcare professionals on all aspects of pre-eclampsia.


Pays for the running of our website for 2 weeks, providing FREE resources for all including E-Learning.