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One of the key roles of APEC is to be the patient voice in world class research. It is for anyone interested in the research projects on pre-eclampsia and anyone who would like our support with their research. For 31 years Action on Pre-eclampsia has supported good clinical research as a logical outcome from our patient advocacy. Good research will lead to a greater understanding of pre-eclampsia and therefore better results for patients.

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Unfortunately, not all research is good research and where the charity is made aware of papers which are potentially problematic, e.g. where there is potential fraudulent data that have slipped through the net of peer review, then APEC scientific trustees will consider the issues raised and review the paper. If the charity finds that they believe there is a problem then the charity will make the editor aware of the issue and advocate for the paper to be reviewed. If you wish to raise any points regarding this, please contact Marcus Green, our CEO on

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