What good looks like, and why, for remote antenatal care.

Timely, high-quality antenatal care has a key role in optimising good birth outcomes. Antenatal care monitors the health and wellbeing of pregnant women and their babies, provides opportunities to discuss care during pregnancy, labour and birth, and offers a safe space to answer questions and provide reassurance. However, providing face-to-face care during the current COVID-19 pandemic is challenging. In some cases, women have received some antenatal care remotely, for example, through text messages and telephone / video calls. While remote antenatal care holds potential, little evidence is available to underpin “what good looks like”, and pregnant women’s views on remote options have not been formally assessed. This study takes a consultative consensus-building approach to the design of remote antenatal care.

The study aims to:

  • Co-produce guidance for remote antenatal care, working with key stakeholders, including pregnant women and their families.
  • Understand stakeholders’ views on what works well and why in remote antenatal care.
  • Develop guidance to help healthcare staff put this into practice.
  • Capture good practice for remote antenatal care that can be used in the future.

Based at THIS Institute. Chief Investigator: Dr Lisa Hinton