We are a group of researchers and healthcare providers who are trying to find out whether, for women/birthing people who experience high blood pressure after 34 weeks of pregnancy, it is safer to offer birth immediately, or to watch and wait.

To do this, we are looking for clinical trials that compare planned early birth by induction of labour, or by caesarean section, to a policy of watchful waiting (expectant management).

This question was looked at before, in 2017. However, since then, more trials have been published in this area, so we feel it is important to update the results to include this new evidence.

We plan to compare complications affecting both women and babies between the two groups (early birth versus watchful waiting), to find out if one option is safer.

We would like to hear from women/birthing people and their families who have lived experience of high blood pressure (including pre-eclampsia) during pregnancy.

In particular, we would like to know:

Timing of birth - Cochrane review

Would you be willing to participate in an online focus group to provide further input into our study?