Category: Antenatal Guidance

What is pre-eclampsia?

Pre-eclampsia is the most common of the serious complications of pregnancy. It is a condition that affects some pregnant women, usually during the second half of pregnancy (from 20 [...]

Who gets pre-eclampsia?

In its broadest form and including gestational hypertension, pre-eclampsia affects as many as one in 10 of all pregnancies, making it the most common of the serious antenatal complications. It [...]

What is eclampsia?

Eclampsia is a Greek word meaning ‘bolt from the blue’. It describes one or more convulsions occurring during or immediately after pregnancy as a complication of pre-eclampsia. Eclampsia has been [...]

What is HELLP syndrome?

HELLP is the medical term for one of the most serious complications of pre-eclampsia, in which there is a combined liver and blood clotting disorder. H stands for Haemolysis [...]

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