World Pre-eclampsia day Q/A session- submit your questions for the experts

22nd May is World Pre-eclampsia Day! Have a question for our experts? Now is your chance!! As part of the World Awareness Campaign we have a great opportunity for you to ask any questions pre-eclampsia related to some of the APEC experts. We have two pre-eclampsia specialist clinicians on hand to answer your questions. (The questions will be answered in a short film which will be available across our social media channels on World Pre-eclampsia Day). Prof Andrew Shennan and

Prof Jenny Myers are absolutely brilliant and will be answering questions along with our very own ‘pre-eclampsia dad’ and CEO Marcus Green. To ask your question, simply drop us an email or comment on our social media posts with your questions. We will try to answer as many questions as we can. Join in, let’s get the message out there!