About World Pre-eclampsia day 2022

World Pre-eclampsia day is a chance for us to think a little more widely than just our own problems in the UK.  Pre-eclampsia isn’t a UK problem it’s a global issue, with most deaths occurring in low income countries.

We now know that women who have had pre-eclampsia have longer term health risks and advise anyone who has experienced it to check their blood pressure regularly and raise concerns with their doctors.

These themes are what drive World Pre-eclampsia day this year and we are proud in this, our thirtieth year to be joining forces with patient advocacy groups world wide to share these messages.

Thirty years of patient advocacy, thirty years of educating, thirty years of support, thirty years of involvement in research.  Thirty years we are proud of.

Marcus Green, CEO, Action on Pre-eclampsia

APEC Virtual Learning Environment – brand new GP Course launched

New GP Course launched for World Pre-eclampsia day! Our VLE has been recently updated and all our courses carry CPD accreditation. We now have 2 courses, one is designed for midwives and healthcare professionals and one short 2 part course designed for GPs.

TWITTER – World Pre-eclampsia day Tweet Chat


Tuesday 31st May, 12:00 CET 

Action on pre-eclampsia with colleagues at Perkin Elmer and volunteers have arranged a tweetchat as part of World Pre-eclampsia awareness month. It is a question and answer-based, one hour discussion on a common topic in which everyone, with a twitter handle, is allowed to participate. Experts will be on-hand to discuss your questions such as:

  • What is pre-eclampsia?
  • How would a woman know if she has pre-eclampsia?
  • Can we prevent pre-eclampsia?
  • Are there long-term health consequences?
What is pre-eclampsia - support and information

Pre-eclampsia in art for World pre-eclampsia day 2022

We asked women and families affected by pre-eclampsia this question: what does pre-eclampsia mean to you? We asked people to send us their artistic representation of Pre-eclampsia and made a short film. Please do be aware some of the images contain very premature babies and deal with difficult subjects.

Please click the link below to visit our YouTube page and view the short film

PlGF – Your Questions answered

A new webinar.

Premiere’s on YouTube 22nd May 2022

As part of World Pre-eclampsia day, we will be premiering a brand new webinar which follows up on the PlGF What we know, why its important webinar earlier in the year.

The webinar  is chaired by our CEO Marcus Green and features Prof Jenny Myers and Prof Andrew Shennan OBE.

Catch it on our YouTube channel from 22nd May 2022.

Nearly 76,000 mothers and 500,000 babies worldwide lose their lives to preeclampsia and related hypertensive disorders of pregnancy every year.

For the mother, complications can cause illness for an extended period of time and are strongly associated with the future development of a range of debilitating diseases such as cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, and renal impairment. Too many lives are taken – or seriously affected – by these disorders, underscoring the importance of symptom recognition, and timely and effective response by trained healthcare workers. This is especially true in areas where access to care is reduced.

Don’t miss: A PlGF webinar with Prof Jenny Myers, and Prof Andrew Shennan OBE

This webinar will premiere on 22nd May, World Pre-eclampsia day on the APEC YouTube Channel


This World Pre-Eclampsia Day, make sure you understand the importance of blood pressure in pregnancy and postpartum period – know how to check your blood pressure, know your ‘normal’  and share with your midwife or GP.

Know how to CHECK your blood pressure.

KNOW the relationship between pregnancy and blood pressure.

SHARE with your midwife or GP about your blood pressure.

Need help or advice?

Call the APEC helpline on 01386 761 848, which is open Monday to Friday from 9:00am – 9.00pm. If you are pregnant and worried, or feel unwell, please contact your GP or midwife immediately.

Get involved

For over 30 years, we’ve supported thousands of women – and families – affected by pre-eclampsia. We’ve highlighted some of the many ways to your support for APEC and take part in the awareness raising events over the coming weeks.

APEC E-learning Online Learning

Online learning for health professionals

Our e-learning course – Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy – has been recently updated and carries CPD accreditation. It is designed for midwives, doctors and healthcare professionals caring for women with raised blood pressure in pregnancy.

TweetChat on Twitter

Join APEC together with experts and parents for a live Tweet Chat on 31st May at 12:00 CST

Some of the most common misconceptions and questions about pre-eclampsia will be discussed.

Visit our YouTube channel

Have a look and subscribe to see the latest videos and tutorials on our channel, including a brand new webinar for World Pre-eclampsia day.

Take part in research

One of the key roles of APEC is to be the patient voice in world class research. We have launched a research portal so researchers who need APEC and patients to get involved can quickly ask for our support and provide us with all the information we need to quickly act to help.