APEC’s highly coveted Walker Redman Scholarship aims to support post-doctoral students in the United Kingdom by helping to fund travel to improve their knowledge and understanding of pre-eclampsia. Here, we highlight how the award is uspporting the research work of Dr. Alice Beardmore-Gray, one of our 2019 recipients.

Dr. Alice Beardmore-Gray is a specialist trainee in Obstetrics and Gynaecology from South London. She is currently undertaking her PhD in Global Women’s Health at King’s College London – the basis of which is the CRADLE-4 Trial which aims to establish whether planned early delivery in pre-eclampsia between 34 and 37 weeks can reduce adverse pregnancy outcomes in India and Zambia.

Project background

Translating research materials across different cultures and languages often results in a lack of comprehension among study participants, particularly in low and middle-income countries (LMIC) where low literacy rates may further impede understanding. In many languages, there is simply no word for ‘pre-eclampsia’. The overall aim of this project is to improve the quality of participant information provided to women participating in pre-eclampsia research in LMIC, including Zambia and other countries where KCL has ongoing collaborations. The specific objectives will be to:

  • Evaluate the discrepancies between original and translated research materials used in pre-eclampsia studies conducted in LMIC;
  • Evaluate the extent to which these translated terms have been understood (or not) at a local community level; and
  • Develop educational materials in local languages using more appropriate terms which can be better understood by local women and thus improve both the informed consent process and community awareness in general.

How the Award is supporting this work

The Walker Redman award, kindly provided by APEC, contributed towards the delivery of the ‘Lost in Translation’ Workshop. This event brought together researchers, clinicians, social scientists, language teachers and translators in Zambia to better understand the issues with translating research materials and develop a strategy for characterising the issues further and developing more appropriate informed consent tools.

More about Alice

Dr. Alice Beardmore-Gray has previously completed an NHS Improving Global Health Fellowship in South Africa, worked as a Research Associate in Adolescent health in Rwanda and volunteered with Street Child of Sierra Leone. Alice sees research as being a fundamental tool in bringing about long term change and in ending the 830 preventable maternal deaths that happen every day around the world.