The Big Give Christmas Challenge 2023 – APEC join match funding initiative once again

APEC are excited to be once again joining forces with The Big Give for Christmas Challenge week ( 28th November – 5th December )

This year we have been championed by our lovely friends at The Hospital Saturday fund which means all our donations during the week will be doubled.

So what is our focus this year?

Pre-eclampsia deaths of women in the UK have increased four-fold in the last decade – and urgent action is needed. APEC are raising the awareness alarm to stop needless deaths of mothers and babies.
The danger it poses to mother and baby is frequently underestimated and misunderstood. Anyone can get it during or shortly after pregnancy, it can be life threatening and it can present very suddenly. It is vital all pregnant women know the signs to look for so they can take swift action if needed.

APEC’s information needs to be easily accessible for all pregnant women and needs to be seen – women and families increasingly turning to online searches as their first port of call. This awareness campaign will increase our online presence significantly.

We are raising money to create a wealth of downloadable information on pre-eclampsia in a pre-eclampsia hub.


❄️SAVE THE DATE – Your gift will ONLY be doubled during this special week 28th November – 5th December

❄️ You must donate via the campaign page ❄️

❄️Link in our bio.❄️

❄️Thank you so much for your amazing support.

Watch the short film here to learn more!