Big events are great fun – running, sky diving, abseiling or parachute jumping.

If you are doing any of these things then contact us to let us know and see how we can help by supplying sponsorship forms, t-shirts, running vests, collection pots etc.

Sponsored events do not have to be huge occasions and needn’t require lots of planning or expense – many of the things you normally do can be turned into ‘events’ with a little imagination!

Do you like getting out into the fresh air at the weekend and having a walk? Why not make that walk a little more challenging – e.g. set a time limit, carry an extra weight, do it in bright orange clothes, give every person you meet a sweet? All of these things represent a challenge to you and are outside of your usual routine therefore they deserve a reward – sponsorship! Ask family and friends to sponsor you per mile etc. – money raised in this way soon builds up.

Do you like having friends round for dinner? Hold a ‘Come Dine with Me’ competition over a week or month. Each hosts a dinner party, set a limit which each person can spend on ingredients and drinks and, at the end of each evening, secretly score each other. The winner gets the kudos of being the ‘host with the most’ – we benefit from donations made by the losing entrants plus an entry fee.

Have a sponsored swim, get the children to stay quiet for a day – sponsor them per hour – your friends will thank you for the peace and quiet. Hold a Quiz night at your local pub or village hall, or a Bingo night, a Beetle Drive (all old fashioned fun but surprisingly trendy again!).

The possibilities are endless…