Easy fundraising ideas

Ask your family, friends and colleagues to empty their pockets every evening for a week or a month. Small change soon builds up and you might be surprised at the amount raised. You could use one of our collection boxes for this and put that money towards your marathon target. You could also hold a sweepstake.

Get friends and family to sponsor you for completing an event, such as a walk or a swim, bike ride or all three! Maybe you would be prepared to give something up for a month and be sponsored for it? Could you live without chocolate for a month?

Whatever you decide, make sure you take photos of your event for us to put on our website!

There are many events you can compete in to become an Office Olympic champion. Why not try:

  • Speed typing – who can type the most, accurately, over a minute?
  • Synchronised chair swivelling – make this more fun by doing it to music
  • Bin basketball – who can get the most balls in the bin in one minute?
  • Who can make the longest paperclip chain in a minute?

You could ask for a couple of quid to compete, or have the losers pay an extra donation to APEC. You could hold a Wii Olympics night with family and friends (think London 2012)!

Have a break from the usual ‘sandwich at the desk’ routine and take it in turns with colleagues to become the ‘tea lady’. Make and sell snacks such as sausage rolls, samosas, cakes, flapjacks or mini fruit salads. Put your profits towards your marathon target.

You could combine this with the ‘come dine with me’ approach and vote for the best snack provider at the end of the week/month, with the losers paying a donation.

Swishing events are the ethical way of replacing unwanted clothes in your wardrobe with new ones:

Save money, save the planet, have a party: swishing effortlessly touches all of these buttons. Swishing parties are for all those women who want to combine glamour, environmental protection and frugality. www.swishing.com

Everyone must bring at least one piece of clothing, and pays a £2 (or more) donation to enter!

There are lots of ways schools, school PTAs and school boards can help to fundraise and many people have some connection with a school/college/university.

  • You could hold a Christmas or Valentine’s disco.
  • Help to host a bake sale- a local school recently held a ‘end of term bake sale’ with all donations going to APEC- with teachers and students getting involved!
  • You could use existing sports clubs in schools to have an event or fun day with any profits going to APEC. You could sell tickets to watch the teachers play the pupils at football or netball.
  • You could have a non-uniform day – ask your school to allow the children to wear casual clothes for one day if they pay £1 to APEC.
  • You could hold a balloon race. You sell balloons to pupils and their friends and then launch all the balloons at once which can be quite spectacular! The person who sells the balloon which travels furthest wins a prize as does the person who returns the winning balloon (a small school in Scotland raised £1000 doing this)We can send you APEC products to sell at your event, get in touch if you are interested

Some of APEC’s supporters have arranged events to raise money for the charity. Natalie Howard held a charity ball with a charity auction, Beccy Haydon held a charity art exhibition, and Janet Wilkes did a sponsored walk. It’s all about who you know; family and friends may be willing to donate their time or services towards a charity event, then the maximum amount can go towards your marathon target.

At any event you can run a raffle with donated prizes in order to raise funds. These funds can then go towards your marathon pledge total.Events don’t have to be difficult to arrange:

  • Pub quiz – many pubs have a resident Quiz Master. By holding a quiz for a charity on one of their quieter nights they will also sell more drinks and crisps! Usually you just have to encourage some friends to come and collect a few raffle prizes to make around £300 in an evening.
  • Pamper evening – approach a local nail salon or beauty salon to help host the evening (promoting their services whilst raising money for APEC!)
  • Meal/ dinner party- why not arrange a meal for 10 friends and charge £15 per person?
  • Karaoke – why not ask your local pub to hold a karaoke evening for APEC?
  • Car boot sale – hold a table top sale or car boot sale or simply take part in a sale which is already organised.
  • Use one of our collection boxes as ‘swear box’ in your office or at home.

People tend to feel more generous when they’re on holiday around Christmas. If you’re planning a Christmas party or mulled wine and mince pie gathering for friends or neighbours, why not put out your APEC collection box and a few balloons. If you’re attending a carol service you could ask the organisers if you could set up an ‘APEC table’ to sell hot drinks and mince pies.

Major department stores and online retailers have joined up with EasyFundraising.org.uk so that every time you buy something on the internet, money is donated directly to APEC. Just click on this link easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/actionpreeclampsia, follow the instructions and then make your purchases in the normal way – donations will come to us directly. Easy fundraising indeed!!

Some companies and employers have a scheme to match donations raised by employees. These schemes are designed to boost company morale and may have tax benefits for companies. You could double the amount raised at your event without you lifting a finger.

JustGiving is a great way to raise money for charity, as it makes it easy for friends and family to donate using their card in a secure and easy way. JustGiving has many tips for making the most of their service: justgiving.com/tips.

You can also set up a JustTextGiving code which makes it even easier – friends simply send a text containing that code and the donation is taken from their monthly phone bill (or PAYG credit) – you could write to code on balloons, napkins, etc. and they can donate during the event! For more information, please visit: justgiving.com/justtextgiving.