The goal of the Cradle Trial is to improve global women’s health through innovative research. The project aims to:

  • Create a device capable of accurately detecting abnormalities in women’s vital signs during pregnancy;
  • Develop this device so that it is specifically suitable for use in under- resourced environments, based on all team members` practical professional experience in such locations;
  • Assess the introduction of this device into routine care of women in communities and hospitals in low and middle-income countries and by mobile health carers, e.g. midwives;
  • Determine whether introduction of the device improves the healthcare that women receive and therefore reduces rates of maternal death and severe illness; and
  • Evaluate the role of the CRADLE device in other patient populations within low income settings, e.g. refugee settlements, developing / training their own basic treatment facilities.

Chief Investigator: Prof Andy Shennan OBE