Hospitals, GP surgeries and midwife units throughout the UK use leaflets from Action on Pre-eclampsia to inform their patients about pre-eclampsia.

Our leaflets are written in plain language and have been approved by the UK’s leading experts on pre-eclampsia. Feedback on these leaflets, from professionals and service users has been very positive. Leaflets are sold at cost price to ensure that you, and your patients, have access to the most up to date information available in an accessible form. You can also download our Essential Pregnancy Information leaflet here.


How to order

If you would like to order information leaflets for your unit, to help inform your patients about pre-eclampsia, download our leaflet order form here (including full payment options).

Our Information Sheets

We also have information on the topics below:

If you would like a copy of any of the above information sheets please contact or telephone 01386 761848.