The Microlife Cradle VSA is the cheapest and most accurate blood pressure device available to use in pregnancy. The Cradle VSA comes packaged as standard with a medium cuff (22-32 cm) with a the large cuff (32-42cm) sold separately. For all bulk orders, please contact us via email.


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The CRADLE VSA is the first such device in the world to achieve World Health Organisation standards for use in under-resourced settings. It is accurate and the battery is suitable for the developing world as it can be used with USB phone chargers. The hand-held device measures blood pressure and pulse to calculate the impending risk of shock; the device requires minimal training. It has a traffic light system that clearly indicates the risk of shock or high blood pressure: (i) green if a woman is not at risk, (ii) amber if she needs to be carefully monitored, (iii) or red if she requires emergency treatment.