Pre-eclampsia and its effects on men’s mental health. Can you help with a study?

APEC supporter Alice, who suffered with pre-eclampsia herself, is conducting some research for her MA Dissertation.

Please read the below message from her, thank you for your help.

“I am currently conducting research into mental health in fathers after their partners experience a pregnancy complicated by pre-eclampsia. The study and online survey has been given approval and support from several charities focused on pre-eclampsia.

I nearly have enough participants to generate valid results, but need a few more responses so I’m asking for your support again.

I am looking for fathers whose partners have experienced pre-eclampsia within the last 6 months (approximately, but a longer time frame will also be accepted) to complete the survey below.

Thank you so much for your support, I have also experienced severe pre-eclampsia so it is a matter very close to my heart.”