The Ockenden report is out today after painstaking work by Donna Ockenden and her team examining care at The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust. It is devastating that care was so lacking and nearly 1500 cases needed reviewing.

Reading the report highlights many cases where pre-eclampsia was missed, ignored or led to death. Worryingly the report also says “This may be an indication that the care for pregnancy related conditions such as pre-eclampsia (PET), sepsis and major obstetric haemorrhage needs to be further improved locally.” We will be contacting the Trust immediately and offering our help in whatever way we can.

APEC was set up by patients and is there to support families and our hearts go out to those families who lost babies and partners. It is trite to say, “lessons must be learned,” but to us, this must never be allowed to happen again.