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The world’s first medical device to detect shock and high blood pressure in pregnant women could cut maternal deaths in developing countries by up to 25%, saving more than 70,000 lives a year. The hand-held device measures blood pressure and pulse to calculate the impending risk of shock. The Cradle VSA will prevent deaths by detecting the signs of shock and high blood pressure early.

The device requires minimal training. It has a traffic light system that clearly indicates the risk of shock or high blood pressure:

  • green if a woman is not at risk
  • amber if she needs to be carefully monitored
  • or red if she requires emergency treatment

The Cradle VSA is the first such device in the world to achieve World Health Organisation standards for use in under-resourced settings. It is accurate and the battery is suitable for the developing world as it can be used with USB phone chargers.

Professor Shennan adds: “We’re very proud of this device, it is unique for use in pregnancy. Not only can it accurately detect when a woman is in danger from high blood pressure or shock, but it also indicates, to untrained people when to act on this. I use it in my NHS clinic as it is superior to most existing devices for measuring blood pressure.

If you are interested in purchasing one please contact admin@apec.org.uk.