MBRRACE-UK is a team of researchers, clinicians and representatives of parent groups and charities. Every year MBRRACE-UK collects and analyses data about baby deaths from UK hospitals and produce a report summarising the rates of stillbirth and neonatal deaths in all four UK nations. The report has important recommendations for action to reduce baby deaths.

This year’s report (2020) includes the period covered by the first nine months of the COVID-19 pandemic, including the first national “lockdown”.

Key Findings:

  • Rates of baby death from 24 weeks of pregnancy have reduced since 2013
  • Stillbirth and neonatal death rates increased with deprivation across all ethnic groups
  • Most babies who died were born or stillborn before 37 weeks of pregnancy
  • Stillbirth and neonatal death rates increased for twins between 2016 and 2020