April 26th 2020 is a date firmly ingrained on the minds of anyone who signed up to run the London Marathon this year. It was the day they had been planning for mentally and physically for many months. It had been incredibly tough on all those who wanted to run and also all the charities such as APEC, who will lose money due to the marathon not going ahead.

We would like to thank all our amazing runners, who have dug so deep to raise money and remained positive in the most challenging of circumstances. One of our runners, Kylie said “I trained so hard for it and and have raised over £2600 for our amazing charity. Instead I donned my official top that was always meant to be worn for the first time today, and took part in the 2.6.”

Emma completed her 26.2 miles over a week with a time of 5hrs and 15 minutes.

Here are just some of the activities our amazing runners took part in as and alternative London Marathon 26.2 challenge:

  • Rebekah ran her very own Garden Marathon complete with murals in chalk of all the London landmarks
  • Laura ran 2.62 miles.
  • Lucy did a series of challenges with her family, including 26.2 star jumps.
  • Bev ran a virtual half marathon of Jekyll Island.
  • Rachel ran as far as she could in 26.2 minutes.
  • Emma spread 26.2 miles over the week.
  • Mark pledged to match pound for pound his marathon donations.

Many more of our team have been training so hard and looking after children and family during this crisis. APEC would like to thank all of our athletes and supporters for their amazing efforts over the past weeks. You have made such a difference and are a huge inspiration to us all.