Let’s Talk Aspirin – new survey launched for midwives

Low dose aspirin is now widely prescribed to women at risk of pre-eclampsia to reduce their risk of developing the disease. However, we know that some women don’t take aspirin as prescribed either because they consciously decide against taking the medication or because they struggle to keep up with taking it regularly.

Pregnant women trust midwives and recognise them as the first point of contact for pregnancy related information and support. Therefore, the team of researchers have designed a survey that aims to understand barriers and facilitators that midwives face when engage in conversations about aspirin with pregnant women. 

Results of this study will help to tailor training and resources available to midwives and will ultimately support women at high risk of pre-eclampsia to adhere to aspirin treatment. 
The survey is anonymous and takes only 15 min to complete.
More information:   raya.vinogradov@ncl.ac.uk
The survey can be accessed here