Had pre-eclampsia, HELLP or High Blood Pressure in pregnancy? Join the Pre-eclampsia Registry and help with worldwide research

APEC CEO Marcus Green recently took some time out of his summer holiday to visit the Pre-eclampsia Foundation in Florida, a larger organisation than APEC, but with the same shared goal of raising awareness and preventing the needless deaths of mothers and babies across the world. We will be working closely with the pre-eclampsia foundation in the future, to ensure that the issue is addressed globally as well as in the UK and America.

One of the worldwide projects we would like to make you aware of is the Pre-eclampsa Registry. Conceived by the Pre-eclampsia Foundation in 2013, the Pre-eclampsia Registry is a “Living Database” bringing together those affected, their family members, and researchers to advance knowledge and discover preventions and treatments for preeclampsia, HELLP syndrome, and related hypertensive disorders of pregnancy.

Please do consider helping by enrolling if you have had pre-eclampsia, HELLP syndrome or high blood pressure during pregnancy.To Participate:

  1. Complete the online registry questionnaire by clicking on the link below.
  2. Allow us to gather information from your medical records
  3. Return to our website at least yearly to provide us with updates