Pre-eclampsia stories: Our experiences of pre-eclampsia

Pre-eclampsia stories: Our experiences of pre-eclampsia2024-05-16T07:16:36+00:00

Sharing an experience of pre-eclampsia or HELLP syndrome can help with processing everything as well as being a way to inform others who are or have been affected by pre-eclampsia. Many women who suffered with pre-eclampsia and associated conditions can still need support many years after their birth and they have told us that writing their story has often helped express those feelings.

We are very grateful to the parents who have sent us their experience stories and thank them for allowing us to share. If you would like to share your experiences with others, please complete our online form below.

Please bear in mind due to the nature of severe pre-eclampsia some of the stories people have shared are very upsetting and may contain bereavement, hospital descriptions and illness.

Phoebe’s Story

September 28, 2022|

Phoebe suffered with HELLP syndrome, a dangerous variant of pre-eclampsia. Her story is a reminder of the epigastric pain which [...]

Brooke’s Story

June 30, 2022|

Kody is my third baby. My first baby Jayden was born at 38 weeks, healthy pregnancy and birth, only suffering [...]

Lottie’s Story

May 6, 2021|

Lottie was very ill with eclampsia and pre-eclampsia when her son was born during the 2020 Covid Lockdown. Here is [...]

Rachael’s story

May 5, 2021|

Rachel began writing a blog following her devastating experience of HELLP syndrome and baby loss. She was seriously ill with [...]

Kelly’s story

April 22, 2021|

Kelly had what was eventually diagnosed as HELLP syndrome very early on in her pregnancy. 9 Years later, she still [...]

Charlotte’s story

April 21, 2021|

Charlotte had no idea how ill she was when she suddenly developed dangerously high blood pressure at 31 weeks pregnant. In [...]

Rachel’s story

April 21, 2021|

Rachel developed severe pre-eclampsia at just 25 weeks pregnant. She got in touch with APEC to help raise awareness. I [...]

Helen’s Story

April 21, 2021|

Helen suffered from pre-eclampsia in September 2018, her experience was terrifying and has taken her and her husband nearly 3 [...]

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