Could you join a focus groups to help improve care for bereaved families?

We wrote to supporters recently about this bereavement support project and have had some responses to this request, thank you. Our researchers still need a few more people if this is something you think you might like to be involved with.

About the project: Action on Pre-eclampsia are collaborating with doctors at the University of Manchester on a project to provide support for families bereaved as a result of pre-eclampsia. We want to learn about the experiences of all families who have been affected by severe pre-eclampsia so we can understand the specific support that is needed. Our ultimate aim is to learn where care improvements could be made and provide tailored support to women and their families specifically after bereavement due to pre-eclampsia. With this knowledge we can do two things: provide specific support and information for families and provide training and resources for healthcare professionals. In 2020, we ran a survey to learn about the views of families who have been affected by stillbirth or neonatal death whose pregnancies were complicated by preeclampsia. This gave us very detailed information from 31 participants. We would now like to explore the study findings with parents in focus groups and discuss the next steps.

Focus Groups which will meet online in March 2022

We plan to run three focus groups, one for parents who had severe pre-eclampsia and their baby survived, and one for parents who had severe pre-eclampsia but their baby did not survive. The third group is healthcare professionals such as bereavement midwives, consultants, hospital staff who care for parents after bereavement or pre-eclampsia as part of their role. We will run these groups online, hopefully in March 2022 and we expect them to last about 60 minutes. We would like to reassure you these meetings will be handled in a sensitive manner and we understand bereavement and severe pre-eclampsia is a very difficult subject. If at any time people change their mind about participating this is absolutely fine. If you would like to find out more, please contact Rowan at APEC If you have already registered interest, thank you, we will be in touch again.