‘Pre-eclampsia: Know the Signs!’ booklet now in all Emma’s Diary packs.

If you are pregnant and you pick up a FREE Emma’s Diary pack you will find inside a fab new little leaflet designed to fit into a purse. This leaflet we hope will be a game changer in raising the profile of pre-eclampsia, especially among first time mums.

It is designed to make everyone familiar with the symptoms and signs of pre-eclampsia and know exactly what the antenatal tests are for.

It also signposts our APEC advice and helpline and website, so information is clearly available.

To celebrate the launch of this project we are offering 500 of these leaflets FREE OF CHARGE to the first 10 NHS Trusts who contact us. If you would like 500 for your trust please email our office: info@apec.org.uk

The cost of this project has been met by our wonderful London Marathon runners, 2019. Thank you to all involved, look out for the leaflets!