Globally, every 6 minutes a woman dies as a result of pre-eclampsia.

In these challenging times, your support of APEC means everything. Stories like Khilna’s is just one of the reasons we’re continuing to raise awareness and provide care to those affected by pre-eclampsia.

2020 was a difficult and challenging year for everyone and we know we are not yet out of the woods.

Thanks to wonderful supporters like YOU, we’ve been able to adapt whilst continuing to support and advise those families affected by pre-eclampsia. The 2020 Christmas appeal featuring Khilna and her family touched your hearts and we were bowled over by your generosity. You have raised nearly £7500. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Khilna’s film shared her family’s story, explaining the importance of raising awareness and the difference APEC makes. Please watch her film and make a small one off- or regular – donation if you can.

What did we do in 2020?

  • Doubled our helpline hours to offer more support to women and families around the clock
  • Organised a mammoth online meeting for 250 pre-eclampsia experts from around the world with speakers at the heart of the decision making process
  • Put steps in place to make all our study day materials available online in early 2021
  • Created a one-stop-shop CPD accredited Education portal for midwives and education professionals

But there are still too many avoidable deaths.

In 2021 help us to eliminate these. Just one family losing a loved one is too many and this year has been so hard to bear.

Thank you

The trustees and staff,
Action on Pre-eclampsia